Courtain continues with Boeing Tech

Ivy Hartman

After seeing the Boeing email pop into her inbox, senior Madisen Courtain felt a rush of fear pass over her. Years of hard work had lead up to this moment. It was finally time to see if she got into the program of her dreams.

“I literally jumped up and down when I learned I got accepted. I hugged my dog a couple times and screamed a little. I was in awe,” Courtain said.

 Boeing Tech Prep is a three-year program that gives students who are interested in a manufacturing career the chance to improve their skills. Last summer, Courtain got accepted into her first year of the program. A few months ago, she was invited back for her second year.

“This program gives me additional experience. Companies like seeing this program on resumes so it could help me get a job in the future,” Courtain said.

Last year, Courtain learned a lot of valuable information.

“We learned how to read blueprints and machine books. We also learned some geometry. After those classes, our teacher taught us how to use different machines,” Courtain said.

The information she learned last year will help improve her work this year.

“We had to learn how to read blue prints in order to create our project. This year we are going to make CO2 boats that we will sail across the Columbia River,” Courtain said.

Although Courtain has talent, she still faces challenges while working. One of these challenges is fighting against gender stereotypes.

“Being the only girl in my manufacturing class is stressful. I feel like my standards are higher because I need to prove that girls can do manufacturing too. It’s a lot of responsibility,” Courtain said.

Even through her worries, Courtain is still able to create high quality products that she is proud of, and prove to her male classmates that she is beyond capable of a manufacturing career.

As for her future, Courtain already has big plans set.

“I’m going to Clackamas Community College to get a machining certificate,” Courtain said. “I hope to be working at a machine shop in the future. I would like to specialize in mill and lathe work.”

Getting accepted into Boeing Tech Prep is a huge honor. Her acceptance has made so many people proud, including her best friend.

“I feel like a proud mom,” senior Madison Krening said. “I know how hard she has been working so I’m really happy for her.”

After reading the email that changed her life, Courtain is ready to improve her manufacturing skills and pursue a career she is passionate about.

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