Freshman makes varsity jump

Rebekah Harrell
Staff Writer  

Running across the field, freshman Sydney Brewster gives 100% effort during track practice. Brewster is a three sport athlete. She has recently made volleyball and basketball varsity and is aiming for varsity track. Brewster is a talented individual who works hard in everything she does.

“I feel very accomplished and try to be a very hard worker,” Brewster said.

Balancing sports is tough, but she tries to focus on one thing at a time. When she is at practice, she focuses on practice. When she is at school, she focuses on school.

“It’s frustrating sometimes, but most of the time when you have any off time you are doing homework and when you’re at practice you go all out. You have to give 100% all the time,” Brewster said.

While Brewster works hard on and off the court, what makes her memorable is her attitude and passion.

“When it comes to Sydney Brewster there are so many words to describe her, but the most obvious one is beast or savage,” volleyball coach Lihau Perreira said.  

One of Brewster’s greatest attributes is her ability to lead a team. She makes sure her teammates are giving all their effort just like she does.

“Sydney was a great teammate this season because she always knew how to bring our energy up and make sure that everyone was pushing themselves as well as others,” teammate sophomore Ashley Allinger said. 

She has a positive attitude you can recognize from across a room. She passionate about every sport she does and gives 100% effort in every one. Her older siblings TJ, Sam and Tanner are all very supportive of her success and push her to strive for even more.

“She comes from supportive parents and siblings that paved the way of hard work and dedication and she has followed that and made it her own,” Perreira said.

TJ Brewster is a thrower for the University of Oregon where Sydney Brewster hopes to attend after high school. Her brother has been one of her major inspirations throughout her life.

“I look up to my brother because he is at U of O throwing right now, but I also work for all my family,” Brewster said.

 She wants to attend U of O after high school and hopefully play volleyball and track. While she is only a freshman, Brewster is setting her goals higher and higher every day, aiming to be the best.

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