Schuster produces his own music

Emmily McKinzie
Staff Writer

The sound of a piano playing is in the far distance and then it stops, a masterpiece is in the working. Junior Steven Schuster produces his own music as well as writes his own lyrics to go along with it. His interest peaked in the sixth grade; when he went into the seventh grade he started playing piano and soon after began making music.

Writing music is no easy task; it takes time and dedication in order to do it. All Schuster needs to start it off is one simple idea.

“I usually just sit down and come up with ideas. It starts off with a small idea and then I build it from there,” Schuster said.

This process takes time. Sometimes it can take weeks or even months at a time in order to get the complete piece. Schuster attempts to write music or work on the one he is currently creating daily when he gets home from school. Although, once a week he attends practice for the Portland Youth Conservatory Orchestra.

“The PYCO meets like a professional orchestra. We play five concerts a year, two at the Arlene Schnitzer concert hall,” Schuster said.

Along with the PYCO, he is involved in music production classes in Midschool, a music production school in downtown Gresham. He is trying to reach his goal of becoming a band teacher.

“I want to go to OSU to be a band teacher, but still holding onto being able to be successful with my own music,” Schuster said.

With this goal in mind as well as his hope for making his own mark in the music industry, he is continuing toward this goal. He is involved in school band, which includes Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, and guitar. Piano is not the only instrument he plays and writes music for, he also writes music for the guitar.

“I write for guitar and vocals, as well as a project for wind band,” Schuster said.

Schuster has a very strong dedication to his music and is inspired just by the pursuit of happiness.  

“There is no real inspiration for my music other than me doing it to make myself happy,” Schuster said.

Sometimes the only thing a person needs to be inspired is themselves. The best work comes from someone who works to make themselves happy not to make others happy. Schuster continues to this day to strive for greatness and write music for the one instrument that started it all, the piano.

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