Cancellations hit hard with seniors

Brisa Petravicius 
Spotlight Editor 

March 13, 2020, seemed like an ordinary Friday, little did seniors know it would be the last time they stepped foot in Sandy High School as students. 

Senior year is full of lasts. The last tennis match you will ever play competitively, to the last Prom you will ever attend. Unfortunately, the class of 2020 will never get to experience some of their lasts, and are now reflecting and reminiscing on what their high school experiences were like. 

“For going to school for 12 years, you expect to have a happy ending, and when COVID-19 came, it ended everything so abruptly that we no longer get to enjoy the simple things of being a senior. Like ‘senior season,’ Prom, senior skip day, and maybe even graduation,” senior Emma Carstens said. Carstens, like many other seniors, is disappointed that her senior Prom was cancelled and won’t be able to participate in other fun activities which are brought by senior year. 

“It sucks that some of the things I’ve looked forward to throughout high school just simply aren’t there anymore. I feel like all the seniors are missing a huge part of the American high school experience that can’t really be replaced,” Carstens said. Everyone feels for the seniors who won’t be able to finish their high school career as they wanted to. 

Many seniors who play spring sports won’t play at a college level and are disappointed that they will never be able to play competitively and have their “senior season.”

“The biggest thing that COVID-19 took away from me that was supposed to be very exciting was my senior year of softball. This was my last time stepping on the field and playing the sport I’ve played since I was five. I will never get the closure with the sport like I’ve dreamt of, which is very sad,” senior Jordynn Allinger said. Allinger, along with many other seniors, will never get to play spring sports again. 

While there’s no way to replace the experiences and memories that seniors expected from these next few months, they get an extra three months to prepare for their life after high school.

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