Future uncertain after Coronavirus passes

Cheyenna Pratt
Yearbook Staff

The aftermath of the coronavirus could potentially change the way people go about their regular day to day lives. The processes and safety precautions that are taking place around the world could potentially carry on even when the virus is no longer a threat. Having an emergency supply of toilet paper and Clorox wipes may just become a normal thing, and our daily routines may be slightly changed. 

“People might stop washing their hands as much after this is over, and they might spend more time indoors opposed to outdoors in fear of getting the virus,” sophomore Logan Lawson said.

Our society may become more dependent on each other and stick together to ensure that they are more prepared for any future events that may occur. 

“I’m hoping people will continue to stick together like we did for the most part during this,”  junior Kyra Child said.

There could be more precautions taken, even after the coronavirus is cured or under more control. It could become part of our lives and just be another minor sickness to get shots for in the future. 

“I don’t think it will really be the same. I think people are going to take more safety precautions like washing hands more often and keep a distance for a while,” senior Isabelle Manzano said.

This incident could very well help our society become better prepared in case something like this happens again, whether that is having a little extra food stored away or keeping an emergency supply of toilet paper. 

“I think that when the virus is gone, people will stay more cautious of who they are around. Also having better plans in case there is another big outbreak,” junior Jessalynn Weigant said.

There could be a number of people who find that the quarantine lifestyle is the new normal and have a hard time transitioning back into their previous lives outside of their homes. 

“I hope that people will go back to their normal daily routine and not act crazy. I think that people will get used to this lifestyle and not go back to normal,” junior Wyatt Hite said.

This virus could potentially change the way we do things in our everyday lives. People may be more cautious and some people may come out of quarantine and go back to their everyday lives, although they might carry an extra roll of toilet paper with them or a bottle of Clorox.

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