Loredo-Ochoa chooses between football and band

Keianah Weakland
Opinion Editor

Many students are faced with the same problem of having to choose between sports, musical activities, or other extracurriculars. They have to choose one or the other, while other students can do as much as they want. Having to choose between two or more things you are passionate for is hard.

For freshman Anthony Loredo-Ochoa, he was faced with the decision to choose between football and band. Band would have interfered with football games and he wouldn’t have been able to give 100% to both activities. 

“Football is a passion and band is a hobby,” Loredo-Ochoa said. 

Although freshman year has been rough for Loredo-Ochoa, going into second semester was easier because he knew what to expect in his classes and teachers. If two activities were added to his plate, he wouldn’t be able to focus on school, his first priority. 

“I am happy with my decision because I was able to meet new people and learn new skills. I was also able to get closer with my coaches and teammates,” Loredo-Ochoa said. 

A very important part of his choosing of an activity was all the support from his family. It helped guide him to make the right decision.

“I had family support all the way, which helped me a lot,” Loredo-Ochoa said.

Although there wasn’t a bad impact from quitting the band, he does miss it. When someone has played the saxophone for three years, it grows on them. Especially when they quit it for a sport they have never played before. 

“I wish I could’ve done both because I played in a band in middle school and it’s really enjoyable. Go with what you think is best for yourself and do what you love,” Loredo-Ochoa said. 

Although having to choose to quit an activity to pursue another in high school is difficult, it could be for the better.

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