Rogers stays ‘cheeky’ with skiing and band

Emma Logan
Sports Editor

Catching the bus at 6 a.m. to arrive at school on time and living walking distance from Mt. Hood Skibowl is a reality for junior Alex Rogers. 

Rogers began to learn to ski when he was only 1-year-old which has shaped him into the person he is today. He grew up ski racing for Mt. Hood Race Team and has taken his experience and ability to the high school team. 

“As soon as I could walk, I got into my boots and started skiing,” Rogers said, looking back on his childhood skiing experiences. 

This past ski season Rogers raced as the No. 1 seed in meets all year and had a successful season in the high school circuit, placing second in the league overall. He placed second for slalom and giant slalom, leading the boys varsity team to a first place league finish. 

“Skiing is a lot of fun for me. I get to go cool places and I have made a lot of friends over the years,” Rogers said. 

Rogers spends his free time at his family’s restaurant, the historic Huckleberry Inn. He currently helps his family out anytime he can and he may take over the operations one day, following in his dad’s footsteps. Summer in the restaurant brings travellers from all over and has given Rogers the opportunity to travel the world while staying home.

“It has pretty much been all great experiences. We get a lot of  people who come in to visit from all over, mostly from Asia and Europe. It’s really cool to get to meet new people and I especially love all the accents,” Rogers said. 

Rogers and his family live in Government Camp which keeps them at a close proximity to their business and the ski hill. Although he enjoys it, Rogers does not see himself living up there forever.

“I will probably take over the business, but living in Government Camp is super lonely. No one ever wants to come up,” Rogers said. 

Rogers is also a part of the school band which is one of his favorite things to do besides ski and gives him the opportunity to get to know more people who also like music. He plays the trumpet.  

Rogers is very friendly and an easy going person to talk to. If you ever see him out and about and say “hi,” he may even leave you with his signature phrase: “Stay Cheeky Breeky.”

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