Seniors look on the bright side of their premature end to high school

Amora Casados
Yearbook Staff

This COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard for high school seniors. They watched as most of their high school milestones were ripped from underneath them. As it was no one’s fault, everyone has been dealing with this rough time in a different way. 

“I mean it sucks that we aren’t able to have a normal senior year with a Prom, senior skip day, or a senior prank but in the end we can’t do anything about it. We will definitely remember our senior year more than any other graduating class this far,” senior Jeremy Hester said. 

Senior year started out like any other from football games and Homecoming to Winter Formal and basketball games. Then, in the spring, it took a turn no one anticipated. 

“I think that things such as Prom and possibly even graduation taken away from the senior class of 2020 is unfair. A very sad experience for all seniors this year but I also feel like we are the strongest class and can overcome this as a whole class. We are making the best out of a situation no one was ready for especially our senior year,” senior Isabella Hall-Santos said. 

Seniors are feeling anxious and stressed as this rough time is consuming their minds with so many thoughts. As they try to find comfort in these hard times, they hope for the best. 

“Due to COVID-19 I have lost, but also gained a lot of things. I lost the last semester of my senior year, I lost my senior Prom, the final Doernbecher pageant I will be directing, and I lost a traditional goodbye to high school,” senior Taylor McMahon said. “During quarantine I was feeling very out of my element; I went from having cheer, Doernbecher, and work seven days a week, to doing absolutely nothing, and it was very abnormal to me. I went crazy.” 

But among all the negatives, McMahon said she also gained a lot of perspective due to the virus. “I became grateful that I went to as many sporting events and dances as I could, and grateful for being involved in Leadership, and gaining a lot of friendships throughout high school. Yes, the class of 2020 got the short end of the stick due to corona, however, we all get to say that we went through that together and came out stronger,” she said. 

Seniors will come out of this year stronger than ever. It helped them see how grateful they were to have high school for as long as they did and cherish our memories they will have forever. It opened their eyes to see the reality of things and that your whole world can change overnight.

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