Students get together while staying apart

Noah Perry
Feature Editor

Two months ago no one would imagine this is how they would be spending their days. For the most part, our days consist of sleeping, eating, and relaxing. At least now students have online school which keeps a majority of students occupied with work to do. 

With the absence of social interaction at school, kids are forced to resort to different measures that aren’t used as often. Whether it’s FaceTiming, playing video games, or texting, everyone is finding different ways to communicate.

“I mostly interact with my friends through video games like Fortnite. I find myself playing a lot at night with my friends like Ryan Escareno,” senior Jacob Edgerton said.

Kids aren’t just finding creative ways to interact with their friends, but with their family too. Puzzles, board games, and games in your backyard are all different ways to pass the time.

“Living with my older brother can create a lot of tension at times but it keeps me busy and entertained spending quality time with him,” sophomore Liam Greenhalgh said. Even if it’s not by choice family members spend a lot more time together during these times, creating a lot more family memories at home.

“I like to spontaneously get together group FaceTimes of me and my friends so I can check up on them and see how they’re doing,” senior Carsyn Meyers said. 

Without knowing how long we will be stuck in quarantine, kids continually look for new ways to keep themselves entertained and contacting friends. Just because they aren’t in the same building at school, doesn’t mean kids aren’t still interacting

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