Volunteer helps keep town alive

Emmily McKinzie
Staff Writer

The town of Sandy has been around for a very long time and within it there are plenty of  residents who have been living here for over 20 years. Many of these long-term residents do what they can to help volunteer with certain events keeping the town alive. 

Eileen Suchanek is one of them; she has been living in Sandy for 42 years and counting. Suchanek has been retired from Sandy Grade for 11 years; she worked there for about 20 years. 

“I was a school secretary, I love kids. I used to volunteer twice a week in classrooms,” Suchanek said.

She also volunteered at the middle school where she loved working with the “friendly staff.” 

She didn’t start volunteering at the high school until her kids had started school, as well as her grandkids. Three of her grandkids went through all three schools and her grandson is still currently enrolled as a sophomore at Sandy High. 

Having volunteered for many years at the schools, she has noticed a significant change in how schools and families interact. 

“There is a lack of parent involvement as well as everyone has become disconnected because of it,” Suchanek said.  

Along with her years of volunteering in schools, she has also started to volunteer in other places around town such as the senior center at St. Michael’s church and St. Vincent’s food pantry.  

“We always try to volunteer at the Mountain Festival every year as well,” Suchanek said. 

From first coming to Sandy 42 years ago, Eileen Suchanek has helped out in every way she can and is going to continue to help volunteer for schools and the community.

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