Beshara juggles academics at SHS and MHCC

Keianah Weakland
Opinion Editor

Finding time in high school for completing school work, keeping up good grades, having a social life, working, maintaining hobbies and participating in clubs and sports is hard for anyone. Junior Marly Beshara, participates in Key Club, HOSA, Middle College, and advanced classes. While juggling all of these things, she keeps a high GPA, which she strives for.

“I have kept good grades during high school because I value my future and I know getting good grades now will help with that. I did this by prioritizing my school work daily and getting assignments in on time,” Beshara said.

Not only does she maintain a high GPA at Sandy High, but also at Mt. Hood Community College, where she attends a full load of college courses. A normal day during Beshara’s junior year would have entailed attending early morning college courses five days a week and then making it back to SHS to complete sixth and seventh periods in the afternoon. 

“I think a common struggle between middle college and high school is the workload. I have found it very difficult to keep up with all the assignments and have a regular lifestyle. A lot of my time goes towards doing school work,” Beshara said.

Beshara found it important for herself to do middle college because she wanted to save herself time and money in the future. And with her dreams of becoming a doctor or other medical profession, having the high school pay for most of her schooling for two years was the right choice for her. She also wanted to earn more college credit because SHS doesn’t offer as many AP courses as other high schools.

“Managing my time is a big struggle. I made sure to set time aside for school work so that I don’t fall behind. To be honest I have not had the time to balance all these factors in life. I have had to sacrifice some hobbies in order to keep good grades and a decent social life,” Beshara said.

Currently, she is working towards earning an associate’s degree by the time she graduates from high school. After high school, she plans on attending a university to earn her bachelor’s in biology.

“Marly is one of the hardest working people I know. Her honesty and ambition will no doubt take her amazing places. She somehow manages to get amazing grades while putting her best effort in Key Club and HOSA,” junior Katie Fisher said.

Along with Beshara’s friends’ support, she also finds comfort from her family who supports her education and continues to encourage her to improve.

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