Hartman: Choir showed me the light

Ivy Hartman

I have gone through many ups and downs in the last few years. I lost some friends, cried over homework assignments, and struggled to reach the high goals I set for myself. Although it can be easy to dwell over the negatives, a recent event has reminded me how amazing my high school experience really was.

The Thursday before school was out for quarantine, my choir found out that our competition season was canceled. Although this was expected, I was still heartbroken. We seniors were especially excited about competition because this was the best our choir has sounded. We felt like we had a real chance this year. Wanting to lighten the mood, our teacher decided to record us singing as if it were our competition submission.

We sang through our songs as we did in rehearsal. Nothing was out of the ordinary until it was time to sing “Away From the Roll of the Sea.” This song had never affected me when we sang it in class, but this time something was different. It was almost like I knew it was going to be my last time with this group.

As the choir sang, I decided to look around the auditorium. I looked at the choir members who had become my second family. I looked at my best friends who have stuck by my side for four years. I looked at the stage that had become my happy place. So many emotions went flooding through my head. 

As a 7-year choir member, it’s fair to say that this was my favorite day of class. It taught me that even when life is at its darkest, there is still light in the world. We were able to rest our minds from the fear we were experiencing to produce beautiful and meaningful music. 

That day also taught me to appreciate the small things. No one knew that was going to be our last performance, yet we still cherished every moment of singing. When we walked off the stage, the entire class was smiling. We were all so proud of what we had done. 

Being in a room full of people that share the same passion as you is so special. That class is where I went to relieve stress and relax. All of my worries left as soon as I walked through the choir room doors.

I will always treasure the memories I made at Sandy High. Although I am saddened that my time here got cut short, I am excited for a new adventure. I will be attending Portland State this fall to major in Speech and Hearing Sciences. There, I hope to make new memories and prepare for the future I have worked so hard for.

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