Instagram account celebrates seniors

Rebekah Harrell
Staff Writer

Seniors across all of America have lost most of their senior year to the coronavirus pandemic. While proms and graduations have been canceled because of the current situation, many seniors feel that they have the right to some form of celebration because of the 12-plus years they have spent in school. 

An account on Instagram was created to celebrate the seniors at SHS. The posts include many of the seniors of SHS. They explain the seniors’ future plans like what college they are going to attend and their major or what they are going to do after high school. Senior Abby Brown created this Instagram page to celebrate her fellow classmates and all of their accomplishments. 

“I was really sad about the cancellation of graduation and I figured everyone else was feeling that way too. I just wanted a way that seniors could share their after school plans like it would’ve been announced at graduation,” Brown said. 

This is a very hard way to say goodbye to all the memories the seniors made at SHS. Creating the Instagram page was just a small way that Brown could say goodbye to Sandy High and all the memories that were made there. 

“The goal of this account is to give seniors the recognition they deserve. It’s a small way to congratulate seniors on their accomplishments,” Brown said. 

“Most importantly I keep up with the news, social media, and the community, always looking to serve others,” senior Lynneah Tadano said. 

One of the many things that happened to honor our seniors this year is a balloon release and a senior sunset. On May 15 at 7 p.m., seniors gathered at the SHS tennis courts and released balloons. They also took pictures in their cap and gowns. Two community members volunteered their time to help take pictures of the graduates. This is just a small way to say goodbye to the seniors and wish them good luck.

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