Liebelt: High school is a time to explore

Payton Liebelt
A & E Editor

Coming into high school, my life was practically a blur. The huge step-up from middle school meant, in my freshman mind, more ways to mess up. With that, a large part of my underclass years I spent keeping to myself and not branching out of my comfort zone. The only way I got involved in an event wasn’t out of my own accord, it was likely due to one of my friends begging me to come along, and finally giving in. I was, in essence, a freshman who was terrified of the real world and growing up.

Initially, finding my place at SHS wasn’t easy. Opportunity after opportunity, it took me a bit to get it right. My friends kept pushing me, but I was beginning to step out of my bubble a bit more and experience high school how I wanted to. 

I don’t mean to be a suck-up, but having my friends introduce me to newspaper sophomore year was most likely one of the best opportunities I could have been presented with at the time. Why, you may ask? It introduced me to a career path that I didn’t even consider before joining the newspaper staff. 

Before joining the class, during beginning journalism (and Mac can attest to this) I spoke to no one and sat in the corner. That was my comfort and where I liked to be. But as soon as I joined the newspaper, something clicked. With my friends (Newspaper Social Club) cheering me on, I discovered a hobby for which I was incredibly passionate about. 

During my time on newspaper staff, I was not only pushed to step out of my comfort zone to interview various staff, students, and community members, but I was introduced to so many new and exciting topics and other’s takes on those as well. I’m even planning on majoring in Journalism in college next year, so I owe it to Newspaper for showing me what my career path was destined to be.

So take it from me, if you’re anxious or nervous about something you want to pursue and there’s absolutely anything holding you back, just do it. You’ve got nothing to lose. High school is your time to explore and see where you not only fit in at the school, but in the world. It’s the time for you to find your place and search for what you’re passionate about. Don’t let something silly hold you back from those opportunities.

And with that, I can for sure say that I’ve enjoyed my four years at SHS and I will miss the wonderful staff, students, and memories that made my high school experience what it was.

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