Mental health key during stay-home time

Emmily McKinzie
Staff Writer

This is a time when life is stressful. We are all stuck in our homes and there is no where to go unless you count grocery shopping as something exciting to go out and do. The stay-home order has been stressful for everyone; no one is allowed to go do anything, even hiking trails are closed. 

After being stuck in your own home for months at a time, people can start to feel depressed. We start to argue more and become angrier and stressed. This can cause a lot of damage to our mental health which eventually will affect our physical health as well. 

Creating a structured schedule for yourself during these hard times helps with stress level. Becoming uncertain leads to more stress which eventually leads to a decrease in mental health. 

Maintaining physical health however will help the most. Going out and enjoying a walk through the neighborhood or even exercising indoors will make a difference. Sleeping better and eating nutritious foods helps with your physical health and keeps your brain and body healthy.  

According to, there are five ways to maintain a good mental health during the Covid-19 breakout. 

“Take a break from the news; at a certain point it can be more upsetting than informational. Take care of your body; take deep breaths. Stretch. Meditate. Plan for coping with upcoming drops in the Coronavirus; practice safe social distancing, Create a new adapted schedule; keep things as consistent and focus on what you can control, and do a worry drop in a journal or a piece of paper; write things in a journal until half of your anxiety is gone,” mental health counselor Kate Hagadone said. 

With school being out and not having to get up at a certain time our sleep schedules can get kind of wonky. We are now waking up later which means most likely, we are also going to bed late. For teens, most of us will go to bed really late, but sleep is essential to maintaining our mental health. 

“Protect your sleep. Good quality, sufficient sleep not only helps to support your immune system, but also helps you better manage your stress and regulate emotions. Adults should aim for seven to nine hours of sleep every night,” Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health said. 

Mental health is a very important thing for people to maintain. If we don’t maintain a good balance of physical and emotional health, it can throw off our mental health. It is even more crucial in this time of a pandemic to take steps to help ourselves with maintaining good mental health. If we all help ourselves, then when we get out of this quarantine we will be prepared to face the social aspect once again.

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