Seniors leave skills to underclassmen

I, Emiko Wingren, leave my overwhelming sarcasm to Logan Lawson.

I, Gwenevere Henderson, leave my awkward social skills to Peyton Bradley.

I, Madison Livengood, leave my love and support to Ashley Mechew.

I, Trinity Hill, leave my drive to always work really hard no matter how difficult and draining school can get to Jadelyn Hendershott.

I, Taylor Milne, leave my awesome choir skills to Keilani Hoke.

I, Katee Watkins, leave my ginger jokes to Keilani Hoke.

I, Payton Liebelt, leave my Suburban, Gideon, to my sister, Delaney Liebelt.

I, Abby Carey, leave the “band mom” title to Noah Winans.

I, Hayden Taylor, leave my corny and lame dad jokes to Ali Eslinger.

I, Ami Minor, leave my sound tech skills and service to Skyler Siverly.

I, Taylor McMahon, leave my ability to self-advocate myself into CAL to Tatum Rygh.

I, Jordynn Allinger, leave my joy and hope to Ashley Allinger.

I, Amora Casados, leave my humor and positivity to Jennifer Hallberg.

I, Emalee Klaumann, leave my ability to grow a relationship with any of the staff to Caelyn Weathers.

I, Abe Smith, leave the curls to get the girls to Liam Greenhalgh.

I, Ivy Hartman, leave my incredible dance moves to Caleb Plasker. 

I, Ashley Chanél Rodríguez Díaz, am passing on, with pride, the duty of setting trends and having a killer, unique fashion sense to my beloved  Kyler Stevens-Pfau.

I, Lin Stone, leave my passion for standing up for what I believe in to Jess Stone.

I, Abigail Auten, leave my name to Abigail Austin.

I, Chariti Gomez Barrales, leave my delectable style to anyone and everyone who dares to stand out.

I, Kade Worthey, relinquish my position of 1st trombone in Jazz to Steven Schuster.

I, Devin Pedro, leave my horsepower and torque to Lane Conger.

I, Pammeigh Carter, leave my right side position to Ashley Alex.

I, Amanda Bishop, leave the ability to be smile through anything senior year throws at you to Jennifer Hallberg.

I, Sophia Herman, leave me and my friends’ lunch booth of the last 3 years to Mallory Wilson.

I, Jacklyn Hermann, leave my bad puns and sassy humor to Lillian Dickerson.

I, Hannah Schumacher, leave my passion to beat Barlow to Audri Kato.

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