Seniors: What would you ‘do-over’ at SHS?

We asked the graduating seniors if they could go back and “do-over” a moment of their high school experience, what would it be.

“Senior year as a whole.” –Ashley Rodriguez 

“I would have been more involved and went to more basketball games my freshman and sophomore year.” –Kalei Evans

“Played on the drums more for band. I know I’ve played the tenor drums, but the snare drum seems to have intricacies to it that I’m unable to perform. Understand conceptually from a page, yes. Muscle memory has no clue. Also, the drum kit would’ve been nice to experience as well.” –Orion Rutherford

“I would like to go back and tell myself not to leave the band.” –Emiko Wingren

“Saying goodbye to my friends on the last day of school.” –Gwenevere Henderson 

“I would have gone to the last day of school to say goodbye to people. My parents decided for me to stay home and I never got to say goodbye to my teachers or anyone.” –Trinity Hill

“Freshman year.” –Katee Watkins

“I would’ve done Decades my freshman and sophomore years! It’s a super fun activity and a way to bond with your class, and it sucks that we weren’t able to do it this year.” –Payton Liebelt

“I would do over all my band concerts and volleyball games, they are the best memories I have in high school.” –Abby Carey

“The junior performance for decades… we could’ve CRUSHED it.” -Hayden Taylor

“My entire high school experience because tbh mine was pretty bad for me emotionally and mentally.” –Nathaniel Whipps

“The end of my senior year.” –Amy Minor

“My do-over moment would be the opening night of Crimes of the Heart my Junior year. That was such an emotional night that changed my perspective of theatre completely.” –Lin Stone

“If I had a “do-over” it would be just not worrying about what other people think.” –Taylor McMahon

“If I could have one last moment at SHS it would be my last softball game. I really wish I was able to finish it all off.” –Jordynn Allinger

“I think the AP classes that I did. I know that I could’ve done better overall, just needed more effort.” –Nicholas Lehman

“I wish I attended Prom.” –Nathan Lenz

“Definitely Prom. I love music, dancing, and just having fun with friends. It would be nice to relive that night.” -Lilie Richards

“I would want a do-over on my graduation.” –Amora Casados

“Personally, I would ‘do-over’ a lot of social situations. I believe a lot of people have felt intimidation from me when I’m more than happy to share a conversation. I think being shy has prevented new friendships, relationships and experiences.” –Chariti Gomez Barrales

“Sophomore year decades.” –Sarah Mason

“Regional golf tournament in 2019 season.” –Devin Pedro 

“I wish I attended more after school sporting events.” –Madison Stoops

“Go to a more diverse school.” –Pam Carter

“I would have turned in more assignments on time.” –Melissa Milbradt

“I would have gone to more sports events.” –Ivy Hartman

“I would do over Decades last year so the seniors could have the juniors.” –Amanda Bishop

“I wish I was more involved this year.” –Emalee Klaumann

“I would not want a do over on anything. I would ask just one more day in the school as a student because I didn’t get to experience the last bit of my senior year.” –Austin Garrett

“I would do my sophomore year of decades, the lovely group of people that joined and how much fun it was will always be a memory I treasure.” –Sophia Herman

“I would definitely want to be able to finish my senior track season.” –Hannah Schumacher

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