Seniors: Who is your favorite SHS teacher?

“Ms. Jumago because she helped me learn what I’m capable of pushing myself to be, has some of the coolest experiments for chemistry, and is your own personal cheerleader.” -Hayden Taylor

“Mr. Davis because he’s super funny and chill and he’s just a great guy.” -Nathaniel Whipps

“McG – he is absolutely the best teacher ever, all the stories he tells in class about previous students, trips, events are hilarious. He has always supported me in and out of the band and I’m so thankful for all the memories.” -Abby Carey

“Ms. Berglund. Although most don’t see her as a teacher, she is an amazing teacher and has been my favorite. There have been multiple occasions throughout the last three years when Ms. Berglund has been there for me, from being a listening ear to motivating me to keep going when it got tough and overall supporting me through all of high school. Multiple times throughout the day I would find myself in the library talking to or updating her on what was happening in my life. She was always willing to listen and advise me on my future endeavors. Overall, she is a great person and a fantastic teacher.” -Ami Minor

“My favorite teacher is Swoboda! She became such an amazing friend to so many of us. I am so grateful I had someone so amazing to help me through high school.” -Lin Stone

“Ms. Berglund because she is so CARING and INTELLIGENT and FUN!!” -Abigail Auten

“Mr. Cohrs- he understands when students need a break or are struggling mentally and he takes his time to understand what’s going on. He’s easy to talk to and makes learning about boring topics fun.” -Taylor McMahon

“Mrs.Frederick because she always shows love to everyone of her students and puts her students first. She loves to hear stories and cares about all of our lives.” -Jordynn Allinger

“I’ve only had her in my senior year, but Ms. Stroh is awesome. She made math clear and concise where for someone who isn’t great at math has a clear understanding. Plus the first year of math where I would look forward to being in a math class. Stroh did an amazing job keeping the class engaged and everyone that participated was on her level of engagement. Had a stellar year because of her.” -Nicholas Lehman

“Montellano because he always brightens your day and always asks how you are. He wants to get to know his students beyond the classroom and it means a lot as a student.” -Abigail Schaffer

“Mr. Salveter. He’s super funny, relatable, and just makes learning really fun.” -Lilie Richards

“Mrs. Frederick, she is the most sweet lady and has always been sweet and caring for her students.” -Britney Van Domelen

”Mr.Dejong because he has helped me so much through freshman to senior year.” -Amora Casados

“Robert McGlothin, he has always been a good person. Always. He is a teacher with a lot of flexible traits, a people person! Never met a teacher like him. There is so much good fortune in him.” -Chariti Gomez Barrales

“Mr. Davis because he is so funny and made class a lot easier to learn in.” -Kade Worthey

“Mr. Chase, the most inspiring, funny and kind teacher I’ve ever had.” -Sarah Mason

“Mr. Panula. He taught us how to be a successful employee, aside from what he taught in class.” -Devin Pedro

“Mrs. Frederick’s positivity and good nature inspires me, and I’ve always admired how much she cares for each and every student. She is definitely the teacher who impacted me most, and I will always remember her.” -Madison Stoops

“Mrs. Frederick because she was always understanding and there for her students.She had passion for what she was talking about and a lot of other teachers lacked that.” -Melissa Milbradt

“Mrs. Swoboda is by far my favorite teacher. I had her as my English teacher both my Freshman and Sophomore years, as well as getting to be her TA this year. I am not the biggest fan of English and she made it so much fun.” -Emma McAbery

“Mr. McIntire is my favorite teacher because he keeps class fun. There is never a dull moment in the newspaper. Whenever a student runs into a problem, he is there to help. McIntire really cares about his students and wants what’s best for them. He also tells the best dad jokes and has the best class-time playlist.” -Ivy Hartman

“Mrs.Grahn she is literally the funniest teacher I have ever had! Along with she’s overall a really good teacher who is always there to help! -Amanda Bishop

“I couldn’t pick one favorite. But one that really stood out would be either Mr. Salveter or Mrs.Anderson. Both of their classes made my junior year a whole lot more fun and bearable. -Emalee Klaumann

“Mr. Staehle was my favorite teacher because he helped me and he also made sure that I understood it and he had a great personality and a good attitude.” -Austin Garrett

Mr. Davis, he made me feel like a person and not a student. He would help with whatever you asked in any way he could and was always in a good mood. He made my day everytime I saw him and made mine and many others day so much better with how nice he was. He has a great sense of humor and is an even better teacher.” -Sophia Herman

“Davis ‘cause that man’s a legend.” -Abe Smith

“Mr. Cauch, because he’s an awesome person and a very wonderfully exceptional teacher. Out of most teachers, he cared for my education and he is funny! He’s a great role model to learn from.” -Jacklyn Hermann

“Mrs. Frederick will always be my favorite, she took time to understand her students and helped us learn instead of just giving us assignments.” -Hannah Schumacher

“Mr. Staelhe. He was my geometry teacher and I have always struggled with math but he made math really fun and enjoyable. I ended with a B in his class:)” -Kalei Evans

“It’s a toughee. I’ve got quite a few teachers that are high on my list. I’ve got it down to three. McGlothlin, Jumago, and Magee. For McGlothlin, it was the personality he has. I don’t know how to explain it. I know there’s been a few times where I’d end up staying too long talking about something band related, or just about interests. Magee, he had science be interesting and enjoyable. That’s what got me more interested in the science field. I did like seeing his snakes and tortoises, that was a major booster. Jumago, loved all the discussions of chemistry I’ve had with her, and all the experiments there. Also loved her teaching style.” -Orion Rutherford

“My favorite teacher was Mrs.Frederick because she always had the best attitude and made her class an easy environment to learn in.” -Cheyanne Lampert

“Mrs. Grasle because she makes my least favorite subject somehow the most fun.” -Emiko Wingren

“Mrs. Swoboda. She’s helped me through so much and held my hand throughout the entirety of high school. I’m so thankful for her because I don’t think I would have made it in one piece without her. I appreciate her so much!” -Ashley Rodriguez

“My favorite SHS teacher would definitely have to be Anderson. She’s awesome!” -Gwenevere Henderson

“Ms. Sinclair, because she always wanted the best for me and helped me even when I didn’t want it sometimes lol, but she helped me become a better writer and in some ways a better student/person which I am really and truly grateful for.” -Madison Livengood

“Mrs. Swoboda because she is always going out of her way to help her students and stay involved. With everything from keeping score at basketball games to being the MC at assemblies, she was always involved and cared about making school a more fun and positive experience for all the students.” -Trinity Hill

“Mr. Chase. He has taught me so much and I am grateful for every day I spent in his class. He made the day so much better than what it could have been. I also left his class with a smile on my face.” -Taylor Milne

“Mrs. Frederick because she is so caring and I’ve known her since middle school.” -Katee Watkins

“My favorite teacher was my freshman English teacher, Mrs.G (who taught that year but moved after that)! She taught us but made sure the class was fun and engaging at the same time and I applaud her for that.” -Payton Liebelt

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