‘American Horror Story’ stills delivers chills

Vanessa Lemke
Staff Writer

As the ninth-ranked in the Rolling Stone’s 30 Best Horror TV Shows of All Time” as well as an extremely popular Netflix series, American Horror Story has been on the rise for fame over the past almost 10 years of its release. 

With Halloween just around the corner, is “American Horror Story” worth the watch?

Created by Ryan Murphy this twisty, turny and delightfully suspenseful show has 9 seasons of different horror themes and stories. The plots range from a coven of witches to insane asylums, even to cults. There are many different topics included in the show. Some are based on true events such as its sixth season, Roanoke. 

In almost every season, Murphy casts the same actors from previous seasons to come back and play different characters, which allows you to grow very fond of and form a relationship with the actors. 

Although AHS is an intriguing show, it’s not for everyone. There are a lot of dark and touchy topics, such as school shootings, satanism, torture and rape that can be very contriversial and might trigger some viewers. 

There is a 10th season in production currently that will premiere sometime in 2021, as well as the show being renewed for two more seasons after that.

The themes and plots are very well thought out and have many surprises and unexpected turns which adds to the suspense and makes the show even better. As for phenomena; impressive or extraordinary things, the show could add more unique phenomena. Towards the last seasons AHS struggles to sustain itself and becomes more predictable and shallow. While trying to keep the edgy and different aspect of the show, the writers went a little overboard with gore and twists in some seasons.

If you’re into suspenseful, mind consuming, dark shows like I am, AHS is perfect for you! Certain topics and seasons might be harder to stomach for people who don’t have a knack for the season’s theme or things included, but it is definitely a must watch especially around the Halloween season.

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