Athletes, coaches play the waiting game

Emily Fendall-York
Staff Writer

Going back to school this year has affected a lot of students’ opportunities like clubs, sports, face-to-face learning, and so much more. Not only did it affect the way we learn, but some students were not able to continue on with athletics due to the postponed fall and winter seasons. 

“We have a tentative start time and we are hopeful that we will be able to participate this year. In order for that to happen we would most likely need to be back in school. Football will now start on Feb. 22 so there is a lot of time between now and then and we will see,” head football coach Josh Dill said. “I am missing being around my athletes and hope to be around them again soon but that is not in my control. As I talk to my players about we have to control the controllables. This means now we have control over training our bodies and making sure that we are in the best possible shape for when our season starts. This and taking care of business in the classroom!” 

Not having sports could possibly affect the next school year because students that didn’t stay in shape due to COVID-19 stay at home order may find it harder to return to their original skills.

“I think that not being able to meet up with my volleyball team and even hanging out is a big bummer. I miss everyone and hope the season we do get will be a fun one. I have been going to private clinics and scrimmages. Currently, I don’t have much free time as the longer classes and extra homework keep me very busy,” senior Savannah Lomen ‘said’.

Students rely on athletics for many reasons, it is a fun commitment that builds teamwork skills, self-confidence, leadership skills, accountability, responsibility, and time management. 

 “It’s sad that there are no sports because I was looking forward to having senior cheer traditions and I never had a proper goodbye to my teammates. I’ve been struggling to stay motivated to be active but my work keeps me busy, I now work a full time job,” senior Jennifer Hallberg ‘said’. 

Most importantly, sports provide a fun way to keep students in shape and a time where students can just take a break from their work. This helps refresh their bodys and minds and is a big part of how students stay calm and collected during heavy assignments. 

“I feel depressed and sad because I miss the camaraderie and football practice with my friends that I consider as brothers to me. I now stay in shape by going to the gym and working on my feet,” senior Zack Trepp ‘said’.

Another tragedy of there being no sports is that many students that depend on scholarships for college have lost that advantage. Many students have been surrounded by sports their whole lives and dedicated themselves fully to their sports. 

“With no sports happening this year it honestly sent me into a slump. I didn’t know what to do with my time anymore. I have played basketball, softball, volleyball, cheer, racquetball, and tennis and I was going to play cheer, racquetball and tennis this year. I’ve been playing sports since I was 4 or 5. And I’ve worked my hardest to be the best I can at every one. So no sports this year feels like there’s no real end to this chapter in my life,” senior Madi Bender ‘said’.

Sadly, it is possible that there could be no sports this year, it really all depends on how exposed our county is to COVID-19 and if the school can manage a safe environment. But, if there were sports in the final four months of school, it’s a possibility that it could all be overloaded with events to cram the time that we missed. As Dill said, all athletes can do is control the controllables which is keeping their grades up and keeping their body in shape and ready to work.  

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