Jobs are tough to find for ‘quaran-teens’

Keianah Weakland
Opinion Editor

Over the course of the pandemic, many businesses have closed until further notice or closed permanently. This has made it more difficult for teenagers to find jobs around town. Most teens fled to the nearby coffee shops or fast food restaurants, but many waiters and hostess positions have been minimized, if the positions are still available.

Some students who have been laid off due to the pandemic have started their job search again.

 “I have been looking for a job for a few months and have found it difficult to get hired,” senior Kaya Greenfield said. 

Many businesses have turned to the online hiring process, which include video calls for interviews to limit contact. These, and other, safety precautions that have been added due to the pandemic.

“My employer at McDonalds requires everyone to wear masks and gloves, take our temperature before starting our shift, as well as washing our hands every hour,” senior Tamzyn Pendleton said. 

For teenagers starting their first job, all of these new precautions may be too much to take on. Not only do they have to learn how to take orders, count money, or bag groceries, but at the same time they are learning how to speak clearly through a mask and sanitize every opportunity they have. 

“I haven’t found a job yet, but I know if I did get a job that I would have to use a mask and hand sanitizer, also depending on the job I’ll be wearing gloves as well,” freshman Isabelle Reynosa-Rice said.

Most companies have an easy application process because they have been moved to online applications. This is to maintain social distancing until they have been hired for the job. 

“I mostly applied to fast food places and I heard back from a couple, but my schedule didn’t work with who they were looking to hire. They were looking for someone to work the night shift, which would’ve been from about 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.,” Greenfield said.

There are a lot of job openings at Amazon, but most students are unable to work there because of their age requirements. Their hours are long and through the night, which is not reasonable for students to do. 

As teenagers try to navigate their way through the pandemic, finding something to occupy their time is at the top of their list. Many students are entering their senior year of high school and have decided to start saving up for college by getting a job. Although there have been some difficulties doing so. Many people fled to the local businesses, leaving limited availability around town, making it harder to get a job.

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