Sandy Cinema selling curbside concessions

Emmily McKinzie
A&E Editor 

The Sandy Cinema is one of the few independently owned movie theaters left in the area. As a prime spot for a teen movie date or even a fun place to go with your family, the pandemic has hit it hard. Many students will be affected if the Cinema does not get back up and running.

“I would honestly be super upset about it because that place is like my childhood,” junior Jayden Churney said. 

Many SHS students have been attending this theater since before they were in middle school. This is one of the main hang out spots for many teens and families. Students would be very disappointed if it were to go.

“It would be super sad. Growing up, all my friends would go there during middle school or high school and if it actually closed, it would be like losing all of those memories. And what about the next generation of Sandy kids, what are they supposed to do?” senior Jessalyn Wiegant said.

While yes there are many memories that come along with the Sandy Cinema, the fact that we live in a small town limits the number of things to do. This is the only movie theater in Sandy and it is close to many families and residents.

 “When and if all this Covid stuff is over with, I feel like the movie theater gives people something to do on the weekends or something to just get out of the house. We live in a small town with not much to do so I feel like it kinda cuts off our outing activities,” senior Evan Johns said.

Along with living in a small town, many parents have full trust in being able to drop their kids off there to hang out with friends. This theater is a safe space for many teens.

“It would remove a fun, safe, and practical way for teens at SHS to have fun and hang out,” sophomore Faith Holmes said.

Sandy Cinema is continuing to help its citizens in order to provide a safe and fun environment during this pandemic, in order to make sure its business stays intact until they are able to reopen again.

However, the Cinema has been doing other things in order to keep it in business until they are able to reopen again. Media specialist of Prestige Theaters Marina Gephart did not want to comment on financial matters, but was able to reveal other information about the reopening of the Sandy Cinema. 

“Movie theaters are allowed to open with restrictions under Phase II. We are waiting for the tri-counties to apply and be approved for Phase II status. We have no idea when this might occur,” Gephart said. 

Once the movie theater is able to reopen safely, there will be a set of guidelines put in place in order to keep everyone safe. These guidelines have been put in place by the Center for Disease Control as well as the Cinema has complied with a safety protocol created by an epidemiologist called “Cinema Safe.” Some things that patrons will notice when the theater is allowed to reopen may be social distancing markers on the ground along with mandatory masks worn by ages two and up and other requirements. 

“Inside the auditoriums every other row was completely closed and three seats of distance will be required between groups of 10 people or fewer,” Gephart said. 

For now, while the Sandy Cinema waits to begin the Phase II reopening, they sell curbside concessions along with gift cards from 5-8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. This has become an efficient way to keep business, along with providing fun movie nights for various families in the community. “We ask anybody who would like to see our business continue into 2021 and beyond to please support us through curbside concessions sales and gift cards sales,” Gephart said.

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