Black Friday likely to change due to Covid-19

Rebekah Harrell
Feature Editor 

With the holiday season fast approaching many people are starting to think about shopping for the best gifts. The massive sales that come with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are sometimes a family tradition, but with this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, many of these shopping traditions may not be possible. 

“Every year my dad would take my sister and I out to look for Christmas gifts for our mom together,” junior Emma Hall said

Black Friday is normally one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Malls are packed with people running from store to store to get the best deals, but this year it will be completely different. People will need to stay six feet apart, wear masks, and may even need to wait in a longer line just to get in the store because of the store capacity.

“I will not be going Black Friday shopping this year since I have accessibility to online shopping and can stay away from big crowds,” Hall said. 

With all this happening on Black Friday, Cyber Monday may become more popular this year. Some stores may even extend their sale from Friday till Monday just so people don’t flood their stores. Make sure to visit the Clackamas Town Centers website page to see all the upcoming deals in stores.

Some stores will be offering curbside pick-up. The traditional mall Santa will be present from Black Friday through Christmas Day but only by reservation to limit crowding. There are also “virtual” visits with Santa available.

“I think this year might actually be the best year to go Black Friday shopping because maybe there won’t be as many people out because of the fear of the large crowd,” senior Nicolette Mackey said. 

There will be no way to predict the way Black Friday will turn out this year. People may decide to flood the stores or they may take the safer option and participate in Cyber Monday more. Whatever you end up doing for Black Friday, make sure it is safe for both you and others this holiday season.

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