In-N-Out continues to expand northward

Emmily McKinzie 
A&E Editor 

Since the famous In-N-Out Burger has made its way close to our homes, students and families have traveled just to go get a bite of their burgers. When the In-N-Out in Salem first opened up, lines were filled and you had to wait three hours, whether that was waiting in line or going through the drive through. 

“In-N-Out is not worth the three hour wait in Keiser, but it is REALLY good,” senior Skyla Harper said.

In-N-Out originally came from California and was the first ever drive thru hamburger stand. Harry Snider who had started it all also came up with the two way speaker in order to allow people to order from their cars. All of the produce and meat was fresh and was obtained every morning in order to maintain their fresh ingredients. In-N-Out just recently expanded north into Oregon and is continuing to grow. 

A lot of people had mixed feelings about having to drive down to Salem which is a long drive and then have to wait in line for hours at a time. Some believe In-N-Out really is not worth it and is just a basic burger. The things that many people have said is what makes In-N-Out so worth it is the sauce they put on the burger, it is not just your average mustard and ketchup. 

“Since I do not eat the sauce, I do not see any point in going to In-N-Out. The sauce is the only thing anyone talks about,” senior Lina Gurney said. 

However, many think the burger is worth it, but there are a few flaws that some disagree with.

“In-N-Out is good, but come on, they still use American cheese,” senior Samuel Danzey said. 

The main problem is In-N-Out is too far out and too crowded for anyone to go and enjoy a burger. But  In-N- Out is expanding into closer locations all over the Portland Metro area. They are looking into putting restaurants in Beaverton, Hillsboro, Happy Valley, Oregon City, Vancouver and Tualatin. The only location that has been set in stone is the Tualatin location in Bridgeport Village. 

However, they are unsure when the construction will start and the city is still working alongside the owner in order to complete the planning process. It is predicted to be over a year before we will see In-N-Out come closer to our location. They will be creating a 480-foot two car drive through that can hold 23 cars which is more than the guidelines require. In-N-Out will be taking over the old Village Inn restaurant that was shut down. 

The only issue that is present in making this happen is they are figuring out traffic issues. Heavier traffic is what most of the residents are worried about. Bridgeport Village is already a busy area and working out the traffic concerns will be their main priority. In the near or far future Sandy In-N-Out fans won’t have far to go in order to enjoy In-N-Out’s famous burgers.

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