District should keep ‘snow days’

Emmily McKinzie
A&E Editor 

With everyone being in online school, snow days seem like a tough request for students to have. The district even with online learning should still grant students snow days. These days are what students look forward to during the winter months and it allows them to get an occasional break. 

Allowing students to have snow days, especially with the struggle and work load of online school, would help students get a breath of relief before having to go back and continuously work online. Many students and even teachers look forward to snow days and what comes along with them. Not only do we get a break from school, but snow days in reality allow everyone to be a kid again. 

High school students still go out and play around in the snow and in a way this is one of the better breaks that we as students get. These can be a way for both students and teachers to spend time with their families and just go and enjoy the snowy outdoors. Since the town of Sandy is so close to the mountain, being able to go up to the mountain for winter activities such as snowboarding or skiing are the few activities that can be done safely during the pandemic. 

Another factor that can come into play with being online for school is the internet and power outages. A majority of students and some teachers live in places where snow will affect being able to log on to their online class or get onto their computer at all. Obviously, if the power goes out and the internet is down, attending or teaching class is impossible.

If teachers are required to work from home, some do not have as good of internet access as they would at the school. Teachers have also been required to work at the school and are not allowed to work from home this year, but will have to work from home if there is a snow day. Snow days do not just affect the students they also affect the teachers as well. Both parties deserve a break here and there and a snow day is a perfect break to have. In a world where we are trapped in our houses and limited to grocery stores, the outdoors is all we have left. Students and teachers count on snow days to give them a change of scenery. 

Schools should give snow days to the students and teachers. We should try to normalize school as much as possible. Students have lost so much already. Why should we take the one thing they thought they had left?

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