Pandemic continues to take toll on local businesses

Emily Fendall-York
Staff Writer

After Sandy’s local businesses finally reopened, governor Kate Brown announced another two week closure which Sandy’s mayor, Clackamas County Chair and businesses were not too happy about. 

Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam strongly disagrees with the recent pause. The mandate limits operations for businesses like restaurants, stores and bars and closes recreational spaces like gyms, theaters and museums. The mayor claims that he is looking to find ways to spare Sandy and its businesses from these restrictions and publicly pointed out the negative impact on the local economy. In a story published in the Sandy Post, Pulliam said that the, “level of risk did not warrant the weight of those restrictions.”

Ski resorts are still all open but they all have different regulations, and were not shut down by the pause because of the circumstance of how skiing and snowboarding is not much of a close contact sport. Although, “Lock down makes it tough on skiers and snowboarders because they can’t hangout and warm up in the lodge due to Covid,” senior Sam Danzey said. 

Also, during this pause the restaurants were not all shut down but given more strict orders while they stayed open. Most Sandy restaurants stayed open this time around because they are smaller and more at risk for going out of business during another complete shutdown. 

Throughout this pause the Mt.Hood Athletic Club claimed on their website that “Governor Brown’s new metrics are discouraging and discriminatory.” Although, the athletic club was able to reopen by Dec. 18 which is good news for their business. MHAC also stated that they strongly disagree with Brown’s decision to shut down clubs and “deny Oregonians the ability to care for their health in a pandemic while the rest of Oregon’s services can remain open to spread the virus.”

Local businesses are not the only ones suffering through this recent coronavirus surge, individual mental health has taken a beating as well.

“This year has definitely been stressful for me and has had an impact on my mental health. I feel like that’s for all of us during this time, not seeing friends, and the state being shut down, not knowing if we will return for school this year,” junior Bailey Trachsel said. “It’s all a waiting game, but I’m keeping my hopes up and wishing for the best every day.”

For most students, school was a place where they could have time to be with their friends and kept them busy and allowed them to go out of the house every weekday. Breaking the pattern of the many years kids have gone to school has made a huge difference in students’ mental health and lifestyle.

“My mental health has been affected drastically. I feel like I have lost motivation to do things I’d normally enjoy doing and get sad easier,” sophomore Audrey Gale said. “School has been hard as well as maintaining a social life. However, this pause gives me time to work on myself and my relationships with people.”

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