Students and staff share their favorites of the holidays

Keinanah Weakland
Opinion Editor

What was the best gift you got as a kid?

Choir teacher Alec Chase
“One of my favorite gifts I received as a kid was an automated toy train that would travel along train tracks. I remember that you could pour a special liquid into the train chimney and it would puff out “smoke” as it went. I would spend hours just watching it go in circles!”

Senior Aliyah Diaz De Leon
“The best gift I got as a kid would have to be a trip to Disneyland. I loved seeing all of the Disney decorations and the festive food that they had. Christmas is one of their busiest times of the year but we had the fast passes the whole time we were there so the longest we had to wait in line was maybe 15 minutes.”

Sophomore Serena Millsaps
“The best gift I’ve probably ever received was a tortilla blanket. I like funny silly little things like that. My family and friends pick out gifts knowing that it will make me laugh, cause those are the best gifts in my opinion.”

Sophomore Ava Barker
“The best gift I got as a kid would have to be a bike. I had an old bike that was given to me when I was younger, but by the time I learned to ride it, it got too small for me. I was so happy to have gotten a new bike, I would show off to the other kids in the neighborhood and race them.”

Freshman Vinny White
“My mother got me a guitar. I am now very skilled at annoying people who come over.”

Freshman Lahna Glenn
“The best gift I got as a kid, it wasn’t really that long ago though, was probably an iPad with an Apple pencil.”

Sophomore Adrienne McNeil
“The best gift I got as a kid was a blue puppy-themed bike with training wheels, because it was my first real bike and I thought it looked super cool.”

What is your favorite holiday treat?

Diaz de Leon: “My favorite holiday treat is anything with peppermint such as cookies, popcorn with white chocolate and peppermint sprinkles or even cold brew with peppermint coldfoam. I always look forward to the end of the year because that’s when pumpkin spice, eggnog and peppermint come back into season.”

Chase: “One of my favorite holiday treats is peppermint bark! I love chocolate, so adding a bit of peppermint is never a bad idea.”

Millsaps: “My favorite holiday treat is probably vanilla eggnog. Every year I get some from the store.”

Barker: “I’d have to go with a basic hot chocolate with a peppermint candy cane. I am a picky eater, and I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but in winter hot chocolate is one of my favorite things.”

White: “Candy canes. They’re just so unique and I love all the colors you can buy. I also love destroying the roof of my mouth.”

Glenn: “My favorite holiday treat is peppermint chocolate things, it reminds me of christmas, and eggnog.”

McNeil: “My favorite holiday treat is Cinnabon cinnamon rolls because I only have them once a year, and it’s on Christmas (plus they’re super good).”

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