Card game explores relationships

Vanessa Lemke
Staff Writer

We’re Not Really Strangers is a relationship creating, strengthening, and deepening card game. It’s for any type of relationship, friends, family, significant others, your relationship with yourself, you name it. With various decks of different themed cards and questions, WNRS allows you to dive deeper into your relationships. 

“When I played the game it was with people that I already knew, but the game made us go way deeper than I thought it would,” sophomore Nerisa Olomua said.

It may be hard for some to let themselves play depending on the amount of vulnerability you choose to have with the people around you.

“At first the game was kind of difficult because you had to open up to other people, but once you’re comfortable, the questions let you understand your partner or whoever you’re playing with on a deeper level. My favorite level is the second one, but each level has different kinds of questions,” sophomore Amaya Peralta said.

WNRS has three levels, with each level giving deeper questions and several wild cards to ease into these deeper questions.

“I really like the levels of the game, I think it adds to the connection you gain while playing with someone,” sophomore Emily Smelser said.

Level one is called perception, this level gives you the ability to see people’s first impressions of you and vise versa. A question from this level is; “What does my style tell you about me?”

Level two is called connections, from the name of this level you can assume you will be making connections with the people or person you choose to play with. This level includes 50 “rarely asked” questions, which may bring some emotions to the surface, just a fair warning. A question from this level is; “What’s the most pain you’ve ever been in that wasn’t physical?”

As for level three, this level is called reflect. With many questions about one another and your overall conversation, it allows you to really think and “reflect”. A question from this level is; “What about me most surprised you?”

Finally, at the end of the game, there is a “final card”. This final card says each player has to write a handwritten note to each other and open it once you have “parted.”

The WNRS team has a hotline where random texts, questions, and quotes are sent. You can choose to respond or not but if you do, the responses are kept private.

“I really like the texts they send out! I recommended them to my friends cause I really enjoy getting them, the quotes they send out are really nice to read and get notifications for,” Olomua said.

WNRS has numerous different decks and expansion packs you can purchase on their website, including a free quarantine edition expansion pack you can sign up for. Prices range anywhere from $12-$25. It also has clothes, stickers, phone cases, and much more you can buy. “I would for sure recommend the game to someone who wants to understand themselves or those around them on a deeper level, but they have to be willing to be vulnerable,” Peralta said.

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