Condensed credit semesters challenging for students

Emmily McKinzie 
A&E Editor

Online school has been a struggle for many students over this past year. Socialization has gone out the window and homework has become the only thing that takes up students’ time. If losing socialization was not bad enough, students are taking one year’s worth of credit per class each semester. That is double the workload and it has definitely been challenging for students.  

Pushing one year of class credit into a semester not only doubles the workload, but also makes grades worth more. Grades count for more because each assignment is being counted as a full year’s credit instead of half a credit. This has made it a  struggle for some students, but sophomore Riann Jones has actually found that having a year’s worth of credits pushed into one semester is more beneficial.

“It has caused me to work harder and now my grades are better than ever,” Jones said. 

Another aspect could be if upperclassmen were to fail their class during distance learning, they are not just failing a semester they are technically failing an entire year. This could potentially cause them to not graduate on time. 

“It makes me feel rushed, and with lack of time, motivation, and nobody there to tell me what to do,” senior Samuel Danzey said. 

However, if a student is behind on graduating on time and passes a class this year they are gaining one credit instead of half a credit. One benefit is the recent decision to change F’s to U’s which will have no effect on GPA’s. Even though there are no F’s affecting grades, for many students getting a whole credit of D would be almost as bad for their GPA. 

Even though the school has cut the amount of classes we have this semester to make up for the increased credit load, students are still struggling. Many are stressed and have a lack of motivation to continue out this year. This new way of doing things is a double-edged sword, it could benefit many students, but if you don’t turn in one thing your grade falls at double the weight. 

Seniors need to go the extra mile this year to make sure they pass all of their classes and keep their GPA’s up. Even a C could cause them to have problems with future colleges and even if they do not technically “fail” the class, they are still not graduating on time. This could apply to all students with the many benefits of this year’s distance learning come the downfalls as well.

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