Online shopping addictions worsen during pandemic

Emmily McKinzie 
A&E Editor 

Being able to have access to online shopping is helpful for many people. Some use it to get their groceries delivered to their home or to buy some new clothes to add to their closest. However, because of being stuck at home, the access to online shopping may become an addiction for people.

“I shop online once or twice a month. It’s definitely turning into an addiction because I’m bored and have nothing else to do,” sophomore Sara McKinzie said. 

Many students are bored at home because of the pandemic and normally are on technology all day, whether it be their phones or their computer, the internet is always present. It is just one click of a button and you could have whatever you wanted right at your doorstep. However once you shop for one thing it is easy to become attached to constantly online shopping. 

A shopping addiction can also be known as BSD, which stands for “buying-shopping disorder.” People with this are constantly shopping whether they have the funds for it or not. Many believed that when online shopping became a thing that it would help people with this condition, however it made it easier for them. It not only didn’t reduce the problem, it actually increased it because people do not have to leave their homes to shop. 

According to the addiction center, people who online shop or prefer it are people who need “instant gratification.” 

“Anything you want is right in front of you and it’s a lot easier to online shop than go out and look for stuff,” senior Evan Johns said. 

Easy, that is the key word that people look for nowadays. Whatever is easiest is what most people will go by and online shopping is as easy as it gets. Scrolling through whatever website you order things on and clicking on everything you want, the costs start to add up. Some people do like to online shop for certain items, but also like to go out and physically shop as well. 

“I love online shopping but only for certain things because I still like to go physically shopping, especially for clothes and stuff! But I have been shopping like crazy for books,” senior Jessalynn Weigant said. 

Before you know it you have five or eight packages showing up at your door everyday and when you go back on to that website later that night you only convince yourself to buy more. An online shopping addiction creeps up on you slowly and before you know it you have a problem that might need treatment. It starts with one item and eventually one is just not enough. Shopping addictions can be seen as not all that serious, but it is its own illness.

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