Valentine’s Day needed more than ever

Emily Fendall-York
Staff Writer

Going into another year during the pandemic can be overwhelming to most people, but we all have to stay strong as a community and make the best of the situation. Holidays have not been the same since regulations were set to keep everyone healthy and safe. We need Valentine’s Day more than ever this year.

As the holidays roll by, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and most of the common date ideas are no longer achievable because of COVID-19 restricting businesses and locations from services. 

“I think Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to your significant other or people important to you. I don’t necessarily have a tradition but if I had a significant other I’d get them something meaningful to show how much I care for them,” sophomore Audrey Gale said.

Valentine’s Day is known for giving people the opportunity to express their love to others which sends the receivers a feeling of appreciation and happiness and that’s just what we need during this hard time. 

“I think Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate your loved ones. One tradition I do each year is buying chocolate or flowers for my parents,” freshman Natalie Speidel said.

Some great date ideas that follow the pandemic guidelines could be as simple as a picnic in the park, or have a dinner and movie night at the house. Other great ideas for people who like food would be baking together or have a bake off. For those who like to get outside, you could go on a hike, star gaze, go to the mountain and play in the snow, or maybe even go camping in the backyard. For those who are more artistic, you could do a painting/ any type of art contest, and just for those who want it just simple, you could always do a video game tournament, or have a karaoke night. 

“I think Valentine’s Day means to show love to everyone in your life and a tradition I have is we always eat chocolates, whether it’s out of the heart shaped boxes or even just a Hershey’s bar,” sophomore Skylar Leydekkers said.

To add onto gift ideas, you could get them a cool looking face mask, or maybe make them a homemade painting. A cute trending gift lately is a layered heart shaped photo box and it is such a cute, simple but very heart warming gift for your loved ones.

“For me, Valentine’s is just a day where my mom gives us a little gift basket, it’s kind of like a second Easter for me. I never really have viewed it as a romantic day. It also just makes me puke when I see couples at school, I’m glad I don’t have to suffer this year,” senior Savannah Lomen said.

Looking past 2020 and all of the bad events that have happened, Valentine’s Day is a great holiday which its sole purpose is to let others know they are loved and that is something that is very much needed in this time of doubt, fear, frustration and sadness. Even the simplest present or date with someone could automatically be the highlight of their month.

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