Area offers myriad of choices for donuts

Emmily McKinzie 
Assistant Editor

Donuts, the bagels of pastries are a very popular breakfast food or just nice to eat if you want something sweet. However, many students have different opinions about what place has the best donuts. Each company has different ways about going about making their donuts, whether it is crazy designs and names or something as simple as a delicious glazed donut. 

Sophomore Alison Shaw stated that Joe’s Donuts have the best donuts. 

“They are light and airy and are not overly sweet,” Shaw said. 

When you are going to have that delicious donut in the morning before the daily activities begin, biting into it and its sweetness drags you down is not exactly the best start of the day. A light and airy donut that you can eat feeling complete is the ideal donut. 

Senior Samuel Danzey and sophomore Sara McKinzie both agreed that Krispy Kreme was the way to go. Although Krispy Kreme is not anywhere near Sandy, the drive would be worth it for their fresh made donuts. 

“They have a wide variety of donuts and are not overly greasy,” McKinzie said. 

Although Krispy Kreme has some delicious donuts, Voodoo Donuts is also a very popular donut shop. With its crazy designs and different types of donuts with various flavors, it is one of the main donut places that people go to. 

“I love the random variety of donuts that they have,” senior Montrell Jackson said. 

However even though Voodoo Donuts are crazy different compared to other donut shops, sometimes simple is the way to go. Senior Sergio Copado thinks Donut World has the best donuts. 

“Donut World has cool donuts and they even have Nesquik,” Copado said. 

Even though simple donuts are seen as boring, it does not make them any less delicious. Being able to wash a delicious donut down with some Nesquik could be the perfect start to your day. 

Although donuts are not something that people put a lot of thought into when choosing where they want to get some, everyone has their own preference. There are lots of delicious donuts out there and many different places to go and try them. 

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