‘Bridgerton’ stretches TV-MR rating

Emmily McKinzie 
Assistant Editor 

Netflix has grabbed the attention of many teenagers with their new addition “Bridgerton.” It is set in London in 1813 when women of high class were required to attend gatherings to catch the eye of a suitor. In this specific show, women were required to marry before even hugging a man. 

Bridgerton demonstrates romance to an entire new level. However, even though this show catches the eyes of those watching with the glamour and romance, it is definitely not meant for those who are under the age of 17. 

Bridgerton is rated TV-MA or in other words for “mature audiences only” and yet those who are under 17 are able to easily access it. A TV-MA rating is the equivalent of an NC-17 for a theater movie and without getting into the details, the content is beyond what many parents would be comfortable letting their younger kids watch. 

However tempting this show may be to watch with all the drama and glamour that it presents, any age group could access it unless parents have set up parental controls. Showing inappropriate themes for young audiences could raise a problem within households. Parents and students have different views on what they feel should be the age group to watch this show, but when it comes down to it this show is intended for those above the age of 17. 

The real question is whether or not Netflix should be allowed to make TV-MA shows or movies accessible for any age group. Netflix has had a history of showing mature content that young audiences are able to access if parents are not using the parental controls that are available to them. Kids are also able to set up their own accounts without the parents knowing, allowing them to be able to access this content. 

In recent years they have been displaying overly sexual content which has brought problems among parents. Many parents were outraged at the recent show “Cuties” which Netflix had to recently remove. Parents from all over were saying to “cancel Netflix” for their highly inappropriate content which stars children in sexual ways. It was seen as “disturbing and disgusting” and many parents were shocked at what Netflix had put onto their app. Certain shows similar or worse to “Bridgerton” are able to be accessed by anyone. 

Although they do have child accounts that can be made that limits it down to pg-13 and below, children can easily switch accounts and gain access to these inappropriate shows. The parental controls allow parents to set up a pin for blocking certain content, but are required to put in your pin on new episodes depending on if they are rated higher than the previous one.

Netflix rates themselves as a four and up app and yet they allow anyone to access the sexual content that they are displaying. Moving up their age rating for the app could help eliminate children who are under 17 to access TV-MA content. As of now Netflix is allowing children of young ages to be shown mature content that is inappropriate for them to be watching under the age of 17.

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