Spectator rules differ for each sport

From the SHS Athletics office:

Due to the number of players allowed at indoor versus outdoor events, the number of players on teams and the amount of people needed to manage the events, spectator guidelines are as follows:

JV and Varsity Soccer players will be allowed up to 3 spectator guests at each home event they are playing in.

JV and Varsity Volleyball players will be able to have 2 spectator guests at the volleyball games they are playing in.  

Varsity Football senior players will be able to have two guest spectators at home varsity football games.  We are sorry, but are unable to host other spectators at this time due to capacity limitations.

JV Football will not be able to have any spectators at this time due to capacity limits.  We will monitor this each week as the size of the opposing teams may be small enough to allow us to have home spectators. We are hoping to announce on Wednesdays via ParentSqaure to JV Football families whether or not we can host spectators that week. 

Varsity Cheerleaders can cheer at home varsity football games and home varsity volleyball matches. No cheerleading spectators will be able to attend varsity football games.  Instead, each varsity cheerleader will be allowed 2 spectator guests at home varsity volleyball matches.

JV Cheerleaders can cheer at home JV football games and home JV volleyball matches. No cheerleading spectators will be able to attend JV football games.  Instead, each JV cheerleader will be allowed 2 spectator guests at home JV volleyball matches.

Cross-Country spectator guidelines will be shared as our single cross country event approaches.

Drumline will be able to participate at home varsity soccer games. They will be able to have 3 guest spectators.

Each player allowed to have spectator guests must inform their coach who their spectator guest(s) will be no later than 1 hour before play time. Spectators will be expected to present ID to be permitted to enter as well as completing a covid screener. The doors will open to spectators 15 minutes before the event begins. Small children or infants would count as a spectator.

Spectators must wear an approved face covering the entire time they are on campus. A face covering is defined as a cloth, polypropylene, paper or other face covering that covers the nose and the mouth and that rests snugly above the nose, below the mouth, and on the sides of the face and has no gaps. It should have two layers of breathable fabric. The following are not face coverings because they allow droplets to be released: a covering that incorporates a valve that is designed to facilitate easy exhalation, mesh masks, lace masks or other coverings with openings, holes, visible gaps in the design or material, or vents. Face shields and gaiters are not permitted.

Please know that no schools are accepting away visitors at their events.  

We are working to live stream as many events as we can. Please access live streams on the PioneerTV website or follow the link for the broadcast_schedule on the OSAA home page.  

We will continue to track and assess the mandates that limit spectators at events and open up additional opportunities as we are able to.  Thank you for your ongoing support of our Pioneers.

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