Think long term before getting a tattoo

Emmily McKinzie 
Assistant Editor 

Turning 18 is one of the biggest moments for teenagers, we can officially do many adult things like vote and buy a lottery ticket. But for many teens, when that 18th birthday hits, the first things they want to do is get a tattoo. 

At the time, teens may think that the tattoo they want is something that they will love forever, but often they could not be more wrong. Whether it is getting a tattoo of their favorite rapper or a random flower, this decision is mainly based off of teens’ likes at the time. Becoming an adult is a big responsibility and with those responsibilities sometimes comes some questionable decisions. 

Our brains do not fully develop until the age of 25 and yet we are able to make big decisions like voting and what to put permanently on our bodies. Although it may seem meaningful in the moment, making that decision early on may be regretted in the future. Another aspect of getting a tattoo is you are not able to change the location. Most teens do not know what company they will be working for, and what the policies are for each company. 

Getting a tattoo on your forearm may look cool in the moment, but it could also affect your future job, making it so you have to wear long sleeves all the time. Just like making the decision to get a tattoo should take careful consideration, so should the location of the tattoo you want to get. 

It also really comes down to what we think is meaningful at that time, what may be meaningful now could be less meaningful in the future. Tattoos are a permanent part of your body and in order to get them removed takes years and money to complete.

“On average, approximately three years from the first treatment to the last treatment,” GO! Tattoo removal said on their website. 

GO! Tattoo Removal estimated this time based off of daily life things that can affect the treatment. Things such as how healthy you are can also affect the treatment. 

“The time between treatments will vary based on skin type assessment and tattoo ink saturation, location on the body and overall health and wellness of the client are also factors,” their website says. 

 Wellness can affect the sessions, along with where the tattoo is located and what type of skin you have in that location. Depending on the type of skin has a lot to do with it meaning that it includes a laser and could cause other problems. It is about $300 to $500 per session and it can take eight or more sessions in order to get a tattoo removed. Although many believe that tattoo removal is always an option, it is better to not make the mistake in the first place.

As soon as they turn 18, many teenagers rush to the opportunity to get a tattoo, but do not think whether or not they will regret the decision of getting the tattoo of their “dreams.” However, some teenagers do get meaningful tattoos that symbolize something important to them. How can you tell if it is actually important or something they think is just cool? People also get tattoos for the deaths of those they are close to, but how they go about it could make or break the tattoo. This makes something that should be memorable regrettable.

Being able to develop more character and figure yourself out before making those big permanent decisions should be mandatory. At 18, you are still very young and one to just jump into situations and make rash decisions. The older you are to get a tattoo, the less likely you will make those rash decisions and get a tattoo that you will regret in the future. If you decide that you want a tattoo at the age of 18, really think about if you would be okay with that tattoo when you are the age of 70.

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