Girls cross country team sets PRs

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

The social distancing and mask wearing rules affected the runners the same as they do for all the other sports this year.

“We are required to wear masks during our races.  It’s definitely harder to breathe with a mask and you get out of breath within a few minutes,” junior Tess Hansen said.

Running is already heavily reliant on metal toughness without a mask on, so with one it takes it to another level.

“Running is a huge mental game so every time I cross the finish line, regardless of how I placed, I have to be proud of myself because I did it.  It’s almost more rewarding running with a mask on because it’s so much harder and proves just how much I’m willing to work,” Hansen said.

This year’s girls cross country team, although small, has done very well in their meets throughout the season.

“Our team is a lot smaller than it would normally be.  Regardless, the girls varsity got first in one meet!  We’ve also gotten tons of PRs [personal records] throughout the whole season.  So it’s a team win regardless,” Hansen said.

Even though the season has changed this year, Hansen stills finds herself smiling as she crosses the finish line of each race.

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