Girls soccer team bonds despite low numbers

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

At the start of each practice, the girls soccer team scans and fills out the Covid survey before entering the field.  Along with all the other sports they also play with their masks.

“Playing with a mask is definitely the most difficult part because it’s harder to breathe at times.  Especially when it’s raining, you can feel like you’re drowning,” junior  Riley Averette said.

The girls soccer team has gone 3-6 this season which is impressive seeing as though they didn’t have the same size teams as last year.

“This season is way different than previous seasons because usually we have tons of people tryout.  This year we barely had enough girls to make two teams,” Averette said.

However, even with a small team, great memories were still made this season.

“The best part about getting to play is getting to know all the players who will eventually become your closest friends.  In the beginning of the season everyone is basically strangers; by the end we’re all usually super close,” Averette said.

As far as having fans at games go, each girl is allowed three spectators.

“It’s definitely different without a lot of people on the sides cheering you on, but each player is allowed three speactotaors.  Which I think honestly gives us a good amount of fans,” Averette said.  

Even with a completely different season, the girls soccer team was able to look on the brightside throughout the whole thing.

“High school soccer is a really fun experience so I would have been bummed if we couldn’t do it this year, so I’m just happy to be playing again,” Averette said.

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