Hybrid provides late ‘first day’ for freshmen

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

At the start of the new year, Sandy High School’s incoming freshmen were scared about sleeping in and keeping their grades up through online school.  Be that as it may, the emotions heading into the hybrid model are much different.  

“At the beginning of the year I was definitely disappointed, even now heading into the school with so little time left is a little odd.  I’m still happy that we’re getting the chance to go back though,” freshman Nicole Doering said.

Other freshmen find themselves getting excited about the extracurriculars that are going to come with the school starting to open.

“I’m excited to go back, especially for the basketball season.  I’m taking autos too so that’ll be really fun,” freshman Jacob Hamilton said.

Some freshmen get more enthusiastic about the social aspect of the hybrid schooling  model.

“The thing I’m the most thrilled for is seeing my friends.  I know it’s going to be different and stuff but I’m excited nonetheless,” freshman Gracey Mather said.

The freshmen also seem to be excited about how nice the building is. “From what I have seen [the building] is super nice and well constructed,” Doering said.

Although they are eager to go back, they’re still freshmen who have fears about high school.  “We’ve been in school for so long all ready and I’m worried that it’ll be awkward not really knowing my teachers,” Mather said.

“To be honest I’m not really looking forward to more assignments and a bigger building with more places to get lost in,” Hamilton said.

Despite the positive feelings of returning to school, there are a couple things they are sad to leave behind.

“It was nice to be able to stay home and learn from the comfort of our own homes,” Doering said.

Other people found themselves taking advantage of the shortened school day.  “I loved having lots of free time in the day, I didn’t feel as stressed over school as I had in the past,” Mather said.  

Others just liked to relax.  “The best part of online learning was being able to chill and do whatever all day,” Hamilton said.  

Though freshmen are going to miss the simple fear of sleeping through their first class, they can for sure say that there is nothing more they want than to return to school in person.

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