Masks make running tough for boys cross country

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

For boys cross country, the Covid guidelines are more strict than some of the other sports competing at this time.  However, similar to the other sports they are allowed to have a limited number of fans.

“For running we have to have a mask on, double layered and it has to be over the mouth and nose at all times when racing.  If not you will be disqualified,” sophomore Jackson Rowley said.

Although things have changed this season, having the chance to run, even if it’s short, is all they needed to hear.

“I was super excited about being able to practice and race again.  Especially after track season last year was cut off after only two weeks of practice.  I was very worried we might not even have the chance to play sports this year,” Rowley said.

Despite the strict guidelines great things have happened for the boys cross country team this season.  

“I won a race in one of our meets, which genuinely surprised me.  I didn’t see myself doing that last year especially with a mask on.  As far as the team, we’ve done well and I know that we’ll continue to improve,” Rowley said.

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