New coach inspires boys soccer team

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

The boys soccer team was required to wear their masks at all times this season, as well as trying to maintain a six foot radius from other players while off the field.  

“Running with a mask is a bear to get used to but the competition has been fun and it’s exciting to just grow as a team,” senior Josiah Rothwell said.

The soccer team also gained a new coach, Christopher Cramer, and he really looks like he’s pushing the team in a positive direction.  This year the soccer team has a 4-4-1 record, whereas last year’s team had a record of 4-10-1.

“My past two years on varsity there has been a lack of unity on our team.  We fought and failed as individuals all while bickering with each other as well.  But this season has been completely different.  We have a strong younger class combined with an experienced upper class that have all bonded through this mutual hunger,” Rothwell said.

Besides a complete team turn around during the shortened season, seniors and other teammates alike were able to make memories that will last.

“The most memorable moment of my season was the 2-1 victory against Roosevelt.  Last season at the end we lost all our games by huge amounts; I wasn’t expecting much this year,” Rothwell said.  “But this season was different.  We had a different fight inside of us that inspired ourselves and our coach.  In the final two minutes of the game we were able to score and secure the win.  We were ecstatic, and I learned that this team had a fight in them that we had never seen before.”

With only two games left in the season, it’s easy to tell that the boys soccer team hopes to keep climbing the ladder of success.

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