Volleyball team posts winning record

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

Volleyball is the only inside sport taking place this season so their Covid guidelines were a bit different than the others.  

“Besides wearing masks, we have to sanitize the ball after every rally.  There’s also no contact with other players, and our bench is spread out.  We also have very few spectators,” senior Makayla Barton said.

This year’s volleyball team had a very successful season, after going 8-3 compared to last year’s 11-15.

“In one of the first games in the season, we ended up going to five sets with Reynolds.  I was super proud of everyone for pushing and not letting up until the game was over!” Barton said.

Besides beating Reynolds, the volleyball team also had many other key victories along the way.  In fact, the team won five games in a row at one point.

“I had high hopes for our team this season, and I can honestly say that I’m proud of all the girls,” Barton said.

In volleyball games, the energy tends to be highly reliant on the crowd so without one, the team had to get creative.  

At games you can find the girls on the bench leaping out of their chairs and cheering as loud as possible for their team on the court.  For the girls on the court you will see some slapping the ground and others jumping up and down.

“We can’t high-five which I find to be difficult and it was hard to adjust to the changes but I think we eventually got the hang of it,” Barton said.

Even if the girls can’t give each other high-fives or help someone up after they’ve dove after a ball, the girls are just happy to be back and playing with each other.

“The best part about this season is being with the people I bond the most with.  We’ve all grown so close together and share so much value towards volleyball,” Barton said.  

With the volleyball team’s final game taking place on April 7, it’s safe to say that they have had an excellent season.

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