Azteca Club returns to Sandy High

Keianah Weakland

The return of the Azteca Club to Sandy High has been long awaited from many students. For the past couple of years, Azteca Club has not been available to students. After many students showed interest in restarting the club, Azteca has officially been brought back.

After the last Azteca Club advisor retired, students lost interest. Spanish teacher Edgar Montellano briefly stepped in as club advisor, but it became difficult. Years later, the club will start up again with Maria Ruiz-Perez as the new Azteca Club advisor.

“As a former student at Sandy High School I remember Azteca Club as one of the most memorable parts of my high school experience. I created life long friends and gained leadership skills,” Ruiz-Perez said.

The club will keep the same guidelines and projects from before, but club members will have the opportunity to bring new ideas since the club is starting from scratch.

The SHS activities webpage states that “Azteca Club is open to all students interested in Hispanic culture, particularly students of Mexican background who wish to participate in cultural activities that promote cultural pride and increase community awareness and acceptance. Planned activities will include a community Mexican dinner and a Cinco de Mayo Dance.” 

The club’s first meeting back was on April 29 and four students participated. Club meetings will be held virtually every week until group participation increases. Then, meetings will most likely be monthly. 

“I would call that a success since it was our first meeting and students are not really sure what the club is yet, and because it happened virtually,” Ruiz-Perez said.
As more club meetings are under way, there are hopes of student recruitments and word of mouth to bring in new club members. 

“I am excited to offer another club [Azteca Club] that students will participate in and I can’t wait until we have a more normal school year,” Activities Director Sarah Dorn said.

Azteca is a club that brings people together and helps students open up in a safe space. Being able to see the same people consistently in the same setting helps break down the overwhelming parts of high school.

“I was a pretty quiet student at the beginning of high school, but by my senior year I was club president. Azteca Club helped me grow a lot as a person and a student and I hope it provides that opportunity for students now,” Ruiz-Perez said.

The return of Azteca Club is a great way to bring students closer and to bring back something SHS used to have. Students are encouraged to reach out to the club advisor Ruiz-Perez if interested in joining Azteca Club.

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