Baseball team still enjoys shortened season

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

Unlike some of the other sports taking place right now, baseball’s Covid guidelines were not re-evaluated. 

Both teams competing have to use different baseballs, meaning they can’t share baseballs with the other team.  If the baseball doesn’t come in contact they must sanitize the ball.  Then there are the basic rules such as wear a mask and stay six feet apart when possible.

“The few new guidelines don’t make playing baseball that bad, the play of the game is still the same,” junior Carson Kruckman said.

With the weather being so nice for the last couple of weeks, playing an outside sport has been a great way to get some fresh air.

“It was 100 percent worth it to come back this year, it’s really good to see the team again.  And it’s good to get some time out of the house with people,” Kruckman said.

Although the feel of the game hasn’t changed much this season, the amount of games and practices have.

“This season has been a lot different with the length of the season.  We went from playing 30 games to playing 15 games,” Kruckman said.

Even though it is short, athletes are just happy to get back into playing a sport that they love.

“I really enjoy being back on the field again, it’s been a relief to have sports back,” Kruckman said.

So far, the team’s record is 4-4 in league, and with the next game tomorrow against Barlow at home the team hopes for a win.

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