Boys golf team sees improvement

Emmily McKinzie 
Assistant Editor 

Boys golf is on a similar schedule to girls golf, their season has also just recently started and they are in the middle of their season as well. Sandy High’s boys team is also making great strides throughout their season. 

“We have seven golfers this season.  Every single one of them is improving.  Not just little improvements, but huge strides since the beginning of the season,” coach Mitch Staehle said. 

Each player is improving as the season progresses and all are lucky to just have a golf season this year and to be able to go out and enjoy playing the sport. 

 “We have come a long way in a short period of time when it was doubtful we wouldn’t even have a season.  I’m proud of the accomplishments so far,” Staehle said. 

The boys practice at Mt. View, the Resort, and occasionally at the Gresham Golf course. Recently, on April 29, during practice the boys had played their best round yet. 

 “Every single one of our players shot their personal best round at Gresham Golf Course for the season.  For some, it was by a stroke or two.  Others, we are talking 10+ strokes better.  In terms of golf, that’s huge gains!” Staehle said. 

The next match will be tomorrow against Central Catholic at the Rose City Golf Club. Even if the season was short this year, all players are happy that they are able to go out and play golf and progress in their own skills as well.

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