Boys track team prepares for Districts

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

With mask mandates changing for competitions during track, players are very excited for the meets to come as well as new track Coach Caleb Stringer.

“I ran the 1500 last meet and I can say from experience that it’s terrible to run with a mask, so I’m glad the regulations are at least changing for competition,”  junior Simon Smith said.

With the weather being so nice for the past few weeks as well, it really makes track that much better.

“Even though we didn’t know that the mask mandate would change at the time, this season was totally worth it to come back.  For some people this is the only thing they’ve done since Covid, so it’s nice to be back out here with people our age,” Smith said.

Athletes are also very excited to be able to just cheer each other on, whether they are running, throwing or jumping.

“One thing that made the season stand out so far was the first track meet, just hearing everyone cheer and get really into the meet,” Smith said.

Even with no fans at most meets it doesn’t bother the trackaletes.

“The fans don’t really make that much of a difference, teammates are always the loudest ones anyways,” Smith said.

The track team’s next meet will be the district meet on May 15 at Barlow. This will be the final meet of the year as there is no State meet due to Covid restrictions.

With last year’s track season being cancelled before it even had the chance to start, the track boys are excited to be out competing again.  Even if they aren’t keeping team scores this year.

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