Businesses reward vaccine recipients

Emmily McKinzie 
Assistant Editor 

With the vaccine becoming available to many different groups of people, businesses have started to advertise what are known as vaccine “freebies.” Multiple businesses in many states are starting to do these programs. How they work is if you show proof of your vaccination card you are able to get something free from that business. The offer could be food or it could even be a free uber ride. 

One of the more popular vaccine freebies in Oregon is Krispy Kreme is offering a free original glazed donut everyday for the rest of 2021. Now this could be a strong motivator for a lot of people to go get their vaccines because who would pass up a fresh glazed donut everyday for the rest of the year. 

With multiple businesses all over the United States encouraging people to get vaccinated by offering free items, this could prove to be an incentive for those who are not sure if they want to get vaccinated. However, this could also just be a tactic for more businesses to get customers walking through the door. 

“It is definitely an incentive, that’s a free donut everyday! That’s a lot of free food,” senior Sergio Copado said. 

While some see this as a golden opportunity to go and get their vaccine to be able to get a free donut from Krispy Kreme, some disagree that it is not an incentive to them. Especially since you have to drive a distance in order to get this free donut.

“I would say no it’s not an incentive, I am already going to be getting the vaccine, but a free donut is a little bonus,” Atlas Dillon said. 

Although getting a free donut is a nice incentive for some to get the vaccine, other businesses and companies have moved past incentives and are making proof of a vaccination a requirement. Cruise lines have been one of the first transportations to require the vaccine in order to board them. 

Cruise lines such as American Cruise Lines, American Steam Boat Co., and UnCruise Adventures all require the vaccine. There are even certain countries now that require proof of a vaccination in order to travel there. This is becoming more so with many different countries and even some states you can get your quarantine waived if you show that you have a vaccination. 

Some non-food oriented vaccine benefits are Office Depot is offering to laminate vaccine cards for free if you use their coupon code. This way vaccine cards do not get ruined and are able to be easily kept in a wallet. 

Vaccine freebies are becoming more so of a way to get people to be vaccinated, but it is also becoming a requirement in some places or businesses. The real question is, is it worth a free donut and the ability to go on a cruise.

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