Girls golf team makes strides

Emmily McKinzie 
Assistant Editor 

Even though it feels like the girls golf season just started, it is coming to an end. They have two more tournaments left, but have made great strides in the tournaments they have already participated in. 

“So far this golf season has been great. With it being a non-contact sport, it makes things a lot easier in these crazy times,” junior Macy Maul said. 

 The Oregon Health Authority recently relieved the mask mandate for those who are social distancing while out on the golf course. Although, even with the short season this year and all the different requirements to play such as masks (earlier in the season), memories are still being made. 

“My favorite part about this golf season is the practices everyday, my awesome teammates and coach make it memorable,” Maul said. 

The next match for the girls will be on May 12 against Barlow at Gresham Golf Course. So far the varsity has had three tournaments and JV has had two tournaments. With each tournament each player is getting better and shooting better scores than the previous times. 

“I think the Sandy team improved significantly since the first tournament, we’ve all realized that it’s really just a competition against yourself and we can’t stress over a bad score,” Maul said. 

Even though everyone continues to shoot better than their last score, each individual player strives for their best and to just enjoy the season no matter how short it may be.

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