Girls track team adjusts to social distancing

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

At the start of the track season, all athletes were required to wear masks at all times.  However, after an incident at Summit High School athletes are now allowed to pull their masks down while competing in their event.

“I’m super happy to be able to play and be back in competitions, but it’s definitely different and it’s hard to not be able to do everything like normal,” sophomore Sydney Brewster said.

Brewster competes in both shot put and discus, and she has placed first in both meets so far. 

“It was definitely worth it to come back this season because I get to be with all of my friends and I get the chance to actually play and interact with people rather than being at home or away from everyone,” Brewster said.

Although track athletes compete as individuals mostly, after throwing, jumping or running a new PR, it can be hard to not go up to a person and congratulate them in a way you’re used to.

“The season we’re having is a very socially distanced one.  We have to keep six feet away from each other and there’s no physical contact.  That means no hugs or high fives,” Brewster said.

Both seniors and freshman alike are happy to have the chance to compete, even if it’s a shorter season.

“I was super happy to find out that we were getting a season and that I was going to get to compete with my brother in his senior season,” Brewster said.  

Sydney Brewster’s brother, Tanner Brewster also competes in shot put and discus.  He also throws javelin.  Both siblings have taken first place in all their events. 

The girls next track meet is the District Meet, on May 15 at Barlow High School.

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