Newcomers fill girls tennis team roster

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

Similar to boys tennis, girls tennis is required to stay six feet apart when possible and not shake hands after matches.

“Personally, I don’t think the new guidelines change the way tennis is played that much.  And I’m super thankful for that!” sophomore Julie Twist said.

This year’s tennis team is almost primarily underclassmen, but the team isn’t letting that hold them back.

“Even though we have a smaller team compared to last year, we have a really great group of girls trying out this year!” Twist said.

Twist was also made team captain this year, “Becoming captain is definitely one of the main things that’s stood out about this season,” Twist explained.

With so few upperclassmen this is a really big building year for the girls tennis program.

“I think everyone who’s playing this season, whether it’s their first season or last, agrees that coming back was worth it.  It’s definitely helping build the program and it’s great seeing how everyone is growing.  I’m excited for next year,” Twist said.

Even though the season is shorter the girls are just happy to get outside and play.

“I was super excited for the season even though I knew it would be shortened.  I knew it would be a great way for me to get back into matches,” Twist said.

The girls final match takes place tomorrow at home against Barlow.

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