Softball team benefits from positive mindset

Brooke Womack
Staff Writer

Similar to the baseball team, the softball team can’t share softballs with the other team.  The only time they can is if the players are retrieving a foul ball, or catching a ball coming at them.  They also wear masks at all times and try to stay six feet apart.

“We have to keep our distance in the dugout and can’t stand right next to each other.  This isn’t a very big deal at home though because our dugout is fairly big,” senior Haylee Lutz said.

Besides the new Covid guidelines making things different, the team’s chemistry has changed too.

“This season has been different because everyone is so caring to one another and super supportive.  We all just cheer for each other even if we have an error.  It’s also different because we have more positive mindsets.  This year we want to win but everyone is just having fun doing it,” Lutz said.

With half the softball season left, the softball players can easily say that they are happy in their decision to play this year.

“This season was definitely worth playing.  Since we didn’t get a school season last year my last season was my sophomore year.  And like they say your senior season is always the best season, so I’m happy I came back!” Lutz said.

With the cut down number of spectators you’d think it would throw players off, however it doesn’t change the athletes play.

“Honestly softball didn’t get tons of spectators other than parents or close friends.  So this year it’s really only a little smaller seeing that we only have two spectator tickets to give out,” Lutz said.

This year’s varsity softball team has gone 4-4, similar to the baseball team.  Their next game takes place today at home, against Mountainside.

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